Washington, DC rockers The Relapse Symphony will release their debut LP “Shadows” on July 8 via Standby Records. The first single “We are the Broken” will be released on iTunes on May 27.

“Shadows” shows the progression the band has made since the release of 2013’s “Time’s Running Out” EP. Guitarist JC Charles explains, “When we recorded our EP we were still in the infancy of our band. We were still experimenting and finding ourselves as musicians, and as people. We all went through some of the toughest times of our lives during the making of this album, and we came out on the other side with something we are all extremely proud of. This record is something we know our fans are going to get a lot out of, and hopefully will make us some new fans along the way.”

“Shadows” was produced, engineered and mixed by John Kendall Royston & Dan Mineart, and was recorded and mixed at The Sin Bin in Richmond, VA.

The Relapse Symphony will be doing a live YouNow chat on Thursday May 8th at 8pm EST to discuss the new record and the band’s upcoming plans.

STB0771. Embrace the Darkness
2. We Are The Broken
3. Battlefield of Lies
4. One More Yesterday
5. Make Your Move
6. Savage Eyes
7. Walls
8. Angels Take Us Demons Save Us
9. The Ghost That Got Away
10. Forever Slowly
11. Shadows