You can now purchase The Nearly Dead’s brand new EP “Survival Guide.”




When The Nearly Deads burst on the scene with their self-titled EP in 2011, no one expected a rock band from Nashville to be the talk of the town, much less from music taste-makers. A proverbial knock on the door proclaiming they had arrived it wasn’t. It was more of a banging on that door that caught the attention of the music industry – MTV, FUSE and Billboard to name a few. Spots performing at high-profile music festivals like Warped Tour and Summerfest soon followed while their zombie hit single “Never Look Back” took the internet by storm with their video being viewed over 5 million times. These are all accomplishments any Billboard Top 40 band would dream to have. But what’s more surprising is that The Nearly Deads accomplished all of this without the backing of a label or full-length album.

Today, with the release of their new EP Survival Guide via Standby Records, The Nearly Deads are no longer crashing parties, they’re now just trying to save everyone inside from becoming victims from the zombie apocalypse. Six tracks of pure, pounding adrenalin and take-no-prisoners guitar assault, Survival Guide is the perfect soundtrack to the end of the world. No other band does full-throttle as intense as The Nearly Deads. It’s that fear that keeps you alive, heart pounding and senses on full alert.