Bruised But Not Broken‘s new album “Fragments” receive a 10 out of 10 in the New Fragments Review. Don’t forget to pick up the new album, in stores & online now!

Fragment is more than impressive instrumentally, too. The band has truly found a way to sound unified, to pull out all the stops and put out the best material they possibly could muster. Without the efforts put forth by each and every member of the band: Hudson Hower (Vocals), Matt Bentley (Drums), Josh Rhodes and Trevor Floyd (Guitar) and Zac Johnson (Bass), this album would be nowhere near the success that it’s meant to be. Each piece was executed flawlessly and I truly believe that this album will launch them even further than they’ve managed to get so far! If Fragment is any indication on the direction the band will be exploring in the future, you can count me in! Pick it up when it hits stores on March 4th or, better yet, use the links below to pre-order it and discover for yourself how impressive this album, and this band, is!

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“Enter(Fear)” off Fragments –