Modern Day Escape are back with their latest album, ‘New Life,’ and the band has just debuted the new lyric video for ‘Bound by Blood.’

The group’s latest single is a driving anthemic rocker, led by Jerimiah “James Vegas” James powerful vocals, delivering the message, “We are not afraid / Because we are, bound by blood / And we’re here to stay / We’re bound by blood / It makes us family.” The track also features some wailing guitar work from Marti Rubels and Don DeBiase, as well as driving drums from Sandra Alva and solid low end from bassist William Von Rex.

DeBiase also produced the band’s album, which was recorded in Cleveland earlier this year. The disc is currently available via iTunes.

The group will get a chance to further promote the ‘New Life’ album on tour this fall. Dates resume Sept. 15 in Mesa, Ariz., with shows booked into late October. To see the full itinerary, click here.