Check out this review by Bleeder Magazine on Farewell, My Love’s “Gold Tattoos!

“They’re being called the marmite band, as you’ll either love em or hate em, but even if you’re not a fan there’s one thing that is undeniable – they’re gaining attention faster than you can say “Flash Gordon!” With 260k facebook likes and growing they are only just about to release their debut record “Gold Tattoos” in the UK on February 3rd 2014 via Standby Records (the label responsible for breaking Black Veil Brides) following a whirlwind 2013 in the USA.

Described as having the conceptual artistry and theatricality of My Chemical Romance, the reckless danger and skilful musicianship of Avenged Sevenfold, the dark mystique and anthem-inducing sing-alongs of AFI and the brash experimentalism and attitude of 30 Seconds to Mars, Farewell, my Love put a unique spin on theatrical hard rock with the utmost dedication.

The band are gearing up to take on the UK with their target audience being those who love “larger than life” Rock n’ Roll. If you love big hair, OTT makeup and theatricality with your hard/pop-rockers then this band is probably for you! If not, well…. You never know. We all have our guilty pleasures, don’t we?

Back in the US this album entered the US Top 40 so it’s time to get your bet on as to where (or if) they’ll enter in the UK Top 40!

So what do we think of “Gold Tattoos” here at BLEEDER HQ?

First off, there is an uncanny resemblance in Ryan Howell’s vocals to that of vocalist Cedric Bixler-Zavala from The Mars Volta. This isn’t a good or a bad thing, it just is what it is! Nevertheless, Ryan is an undeniably talented vocalist with real charisma and story-telling ability that’s noticeable even when listening to the album.

Secondly, the album is actually much more whole than one initially expects it to be from a band that looks as though it will be simply style over substance. There seems to be a well thought out drive that powers the album through and tells a coherent story that is ultimately both inspiring and uplifting.

Thirdly, they draw on a lot more of the technical abilities seen in less flamboyant hard/rock-pop bands so don’t let appearances or labels fool you. These guys know what they’re doing, they know what they want and they know how to make music they love.

However, the music doesn’t feel particularly innovative and sometimes you just can’t get that unique edge no matter how hard you try but, overall, “Gold Tattoos” is a cracking set of punked up rock songs with buckets of enthusiasm and a real sense of fun. Not for everyone but not one to be ignored! Let’s face it, you couldn’t ignore these guys even if you tried!

Stand out tracks for me were the heart-warming “My Perfect Thing”, the passionate pleading of “Rewind the Play” and the reassuring lyrics with full on sing-along moment of title track “Gold Tattoos”. I can’t help but feel that they’d be much better suited playing rocky audience participation ballads, like these, full time but it is nice to mix it up a bit.

Watch this space and maybe one day we’ll have an interview with them too!”