Band Members

Daniele Tofani - Vocals

Ivan Panella - Drums

Marco Mantovani - Guitar

Luigi Magliocca - Guitar

Marco "Becko" Calanca - Bass

Hopes Die Last

HOPES DIE LAST enters the ring delivering their next critical beat-down, Trust No One on February 14th 2012. Delivering the knock out punch, the band relentlessly pummels everyone in their path with their balance of beauty and power. HOPES DIE LAST's sophomore Standby Records release Trust No One, will be looked at one of the 2012's most critical and strongest Post hardcore - metal albums of the year.
Originally coming together in 2004, all long time friends the band played locally generating a ton of buzz overseas which led to the release of their 2 high octane EP's and their highly praised first full length record "Six Years Home" in 2009. Since then the band has toured throughout the world with Attack Attack, Our Last Night and other renowned International acts. The band will be touring in support of Trust No One throughout 2012 across the globe.

As the band walks a tight rope of pure brutality, with a unique balance of beautiful dynamics (lyrically & musically) and sheer ferociousness that seamlessly creates one of 2012's most memorable albums. Songs like "Unleash Hell", "Never Trust The Hazel Eyed" and "Keep Your Hands Off" are simply brilliant, not too mention their cover of Katy Perry's "Firework" showcases the bands ability to destroy any type of stereotyping in a scene that continually carbon copies itself with very little originality.

"Trust No One" is a staple album for Standby Records, that rounds out their pulverizing 2012 release schedule & Label roster. The first phase of Rock N Roll 2.0 has officially begun.

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