Band Members

Chris Roetter - Vocals
Lukas Koszewski - Drums
Jonas Ladekjaer - Guitar / Vocals
Jordan Stewart - Keyboards
ER White - Lead Guitar

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  • Emarosa

    Emarosa is an American post-hardcore band from Lexington, Kentucky. Formed in 2006, they released one EP in 2007 titled This Is Your Way Out, and shortly after, the group underwent significant lineup and sound changes, dropping their heavy metal influence and leaning toward a soul inspiration.[1][2] The band went on to release Relativity, which features their most recent vocalist Jonny Craig and new guitarist Jonas Ladekjaer. Their eponymous second album was released on June 29, 2010 meeting their highest critical acclaim yet.

    Emarosa began with keyboardist Jordan Stewart, drummer Lukas Koszewski and guitarist E.R. White having the decision of either attending college, or staying in their hometown of Lexington, Kentucky to start a new band. Stewart stated that "There's too much of an itch to do this," regarding the band he helped start in February 2006.[3] The band origins date back to early high school, which was said by keyboardist Jordan Stewart on Stewart states some of the members had been playing in high school before "taking it serious," referring to four of the original members on the current lineup (ER White, Will Sowers, Lukas Koszweski, Jordan Stewart).[4] Emarosa initially formed as a five piece post-hardcore band called Corsets Are Cages in 2006, and recorded three songs during this time (most notably "Utah, But I’m Taller"), however when the band lost two members and gained two new ones (including another vocalist, Chris Roetter) it was decided that it was time to start afresh with a new name: Emarosa. The band was signed to StandBy Records to record their 7 track EP This Is Your Way Out. It was released on May 1, 2007.

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