Along Came A Spider is continuing to log their progress in the studio with a series of video updates. The band is currently tracking their sophomore LP – titled Resurgence – at Studio D, within the world-famous Agora Theatre complex in Cleveland, OH. This new full-length is being produced by Don DeBiase (Farewell My Love, For All Those Sleeping) and from what we can hear, showcases a definitive progression of the band’s chops.

Check out studio blog #2 here:

“I’m very excited about this album!” exclaims lead axe-man Luke Fockler, who is the focal point of the band’s latest StudioBlog, “The guitar sound is better refined; with more solos, harmonies, two-handed tapping, and progressive riffs for days.” He adds, “It’s a huge step up from the last record and that was our main goal.”

ACAS has been very active since 2012’s breakthrough debut, If We Were Normal Men. They spent the last several years touring relentlessly, landing on several festival bills and playing the support role for nearly every major act in their genre. This is a group to keep close tabs on as they rise up through the melodic metalcore ranks.

Catch the group’s updates on Standby’s YouTube all month, and expect to see tour announcements from them all year long.